After watching the press interviews for Maleficent, it made me think about all the times I interviewed Angelina Jolie and how different the press interviews are today. She revealed much more about who she was like, that she performed plays around the house with her older brother James  Haven and knew she would be a performer at an early age. “I wanted to be an actor as I was curious about the different sides of life and wanted to explore it.” Her brother is the first one to see her films and tell her what he thinks. I wonder where Brad fits into that picture. When I asked her if her looks get in the way she replied “I don’t feel very confident about myself…I do have a lot of insecurities.” She volunteered that the reason she wears black: “I know people think it’s cool and mysterious. It’s just because I’m a big slob and spill a lot of shit.” For the first time she wore white in all the press interviews and black for the premiers. She likes to play women who are strong and passionate as it shows strength rather than weakness. I asked her what scares her and it wasn’t stunts.  She has worked with the same team for a long time and if they tell her she can do a stunt, she trusts them. It’s real life that scares her “what really scares me, anything happening to someone I love.” When I asked Angelina is this what she thought her movie career would be she said “In this business I can’t believe how critical everybody is of everything and how insecure people are and it’s terrible. I have been through a lot of different things and I think people have so many bad opinions about me, judged me and think I am a bad person. You fight and make bold choices and I keep charging at walls and do the best I can.”She has changed from successful insecure woman to a woman greatly admired for her work with refugees and her courage to reveal her breast cancer surgery.   

I interviewed Brad before he got involved with Angelina and he has changed too, from just another handsome actor to a caring humanitarian.  Together they have shown the the world what the power of celebrity can do, when used in a positive way. Change is scary and difficult and I know what it has done to me ….I want to hide ….I want to eat …..and I do not want to face it. What has it done to you?