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Reba Merrill enriches people’s lives by telling her story. It is more than a Hollywood story of a who’s who of celebrities, parties and globetrotting interviews. Reba’s fire and determination to achieve professional and personal success have defied all odds. She is raw, honest, and relatable. Merrill found a way out of her own personal hell—beginning as a divorced and destitute single mother from the 50’s good girl era and continuing through to life in recovery from a sugar addiction that had overtaken her. Reba’s journey to becoming a successful, in-demand, “nearly famous” celebrity journalist in the harshest industry in town is one of determination, inspiration and triumph over adversity. Through all of this, Reba found a way to recognize her talent and to reach her goals and dreams. Through her story, she now gives courage to others to do the same.

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Speaking Topics 

  • How to Make it, Not Only in Hollywood, but Anywhere

  • Simply Fabulous: Life After Menopause

  • Never Give Up, Never Surrender: Unlocking Your Potential—Unleashing Your Success.

  • ACTION: An Artist’s Guide to Success in the Industry

  • A New Lease on Life: Living the Life of Your Dreams in Addiction Recovery

Making It: What I Got Away With in Hollywood

Making It: What I Got Away With In Hollywood, Book Cover

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