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Reba Merrill

Reba Merrill is no stranger to the struggles of Hollywood. Clawing her way from the bottom to success in one of the toughest business anywhere, she had to keep herself desired and relevant. Her experiences shaped by her ability not only to relate to celebrities, but also to create an environment where they felt comfortable opening up. Reba’s talent to know when and how to fire off serious questions allows her to dig deep and bring out their true humanity.

“I’m a talker…if I hadn’t been able to talk and talk and talk, I would never have had a career in the entertainment industry.”

Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock in a Rare Interview with Reba Merrill talks about gratitude, family life and finding her place.

Jennifer Aniston

Reba Merrill rare interview with Jennifer Aniston. In the first interview after her public split with Brad Pitt for the film Derailed, Aniston reveals her thoughts on the theme of the movie, infidelity.

Will Smith

Will Smith shares what it was like becoming hugely successful so young, and how he adjusted to it, with Entertainment Journalist Reba Merrill. This interview took place after the filming of Independence Day. Will explains to Reba his thoughts on playing a role model.

Harrison Ford

This is the first time the Star Wars Movie Interview has ever been seen after it aired on the CBS Morning Show Sun Up in 1977.

Harrison Ford

Reba Merrill interviews Harrison Ford as he discusses acting from his childhood up through his career in TV and Film.

Robin Williams

Reba attempts to get serious with Robin Williams, but when she has a slip of the tongue, the response from this iconic comedian is comic genius.

Sean Connery

Oscar winner and legend, Sean Connery shares an intimate view of his humble beginnings, the characters he has chosen to play, how he chooses a project, and how he barely escaped capture, while filming an international movie. Watch this compelling interview, that has never been shown before in America, with Emmy award winning journalist and author, Reba Merrill.

Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks one of the most recognizable film stars worldwide, answers whether he would rather be known as a movie star or an actor? This interview is part of Emmy Award winning Entertainment Journalist Reba Merrill’s Private Collection.

Whitney Houston

For many fans, fame and fortune seem to be the achievement of ultimate happiness. However, as Whitney Houston so clearly expresses, fame and fortune are the farthest things from being the source of happiness and many celebrities will tell you the same.

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