Reba Merrill packed her dreams of stardom away at the age of 17 when she walked down the matrimonial aisle. Marrying the man of her mother’s dreams, Reba never imagined that 30 years later she would have the chance to make her own come true. However, her journey was anything but smooth. “Nearly Famous: tales from the Hollywood trenches” is the captivating and incredibly honest story of a woman’s journey as a 50’s era good girl who played the game by the rules of the times, only to end up divorced, destitute and responsible for two little girls. Her experience ignited a fire that has fueled her determination to never be dependent on anyone else again.

The result has been an amazing career in entertainment, from Emmy award-winning talk show host to in-demand Celebrity Journalist. Reba has sat opposite the biggest stars in Hollywood, responsible for telling their stories… But at what cost? In her very revealing, pull-no-punches memoir, Merrill offers an insider’s look at achieving fame and success in the entertainment industry and the price that comes with it.

Book Reviews

An intriguing, honest look at the hidden side of Hollywood. She tells it all with a drive that will leave readers with little doubt about how she became successful. However, although her voice makes her an engaging storyteller, it doesn’t always make her likable; some remarks about women in Hollywood, however truthful they may be, come off as rather sexist (“they could get away with their bitchiness as long as some powerful man protected them”), and her frequent use of “fat” as an insult may offend some readers. Nonetheless, Merrill’s willingness to admit her mistakes is refreshing, and her tales from the film publicity trenches are consistently engaging.”

– Kirkus Reviews, “An Extraordinary life and book!

“If you enjoy reading about the “Business Of Show”, then you will love this book! Reba is very candid, sometimes painfully honest. Her passion, her drive is very compelling. A great story teller, wonderful interviews with some of the biggest stars in Hollywood! Remarkable story. I loved it!”

– Rosalind Williams

“My name is Dona, and I feel it is important to share the experience I have had reading Reba’s book, Nearly Famous: tales from the Hollywood trenches. It has strongly inspired me to follow my dreams no matter how impossible they seem. Her struggles and achievements in the entertainment industry are an example for a young person such as myself to never give up no matter how many “no’s” or how difficult things seem.”

– Dona Davoodi

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