The first time I interviewed Sandra Bullock was on the set of a small independent film called ‘When the Party’s Over’. She was so charming! She had not “made it” so to speak, but she had done a television series, and some independent films, but nothing made her into a star until the next time I sat down with her for the film ‘Speed’. From then on Sandra Bullock was a bona fide movie star, following with iconic romantic comedies like ‘While You Were Sleeping’, and later, ‘Miss Congeniality’.

Sandra realized that to make it in Hollywood, it takes more than looks and when I sat down with her again for ‘Hope Floats’, not only was she the star of the film, but she had started Fortis Films and produced it, kicking off the start of her producing career. I realized from then on every time I sat down with her that, not only was she a star, but she was also the same charming, truthful woman as I had first interviewed for a small indie film.

It was always a little sad for me when a celebrity or actor became less gracious or interesting as their popularity rose, but this wasn’t the case with Sandra Bullock, which I assume is a good part of the reason for her being named People Magazine’s 2015 Most Beautiful Woman. At age 50, that makes her the oldest woman to be graced with the title, and she embodies the phrase “aging like a fine wine”. Sandra Bullock: Oscar-winning actress, producer, mother, and one of the most beautiful women inside and out.