Oscars are just around the corner and it’s been a season for great movies! Here are some of the year’s favorites and there are a lot of them. These are my favorites and will keep you busy for the coming year. Here’s a breakdown of my top 10 must see films of 2014!

10. Selma
It was for me a great reminder of our past to see a part of our history brought to life. Watch for David Oyelowo to get an Oscar nomination. The film takes us on the 3-month journey of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to secure equal voting rights facing a strong opposition from all facets of society.

9. The Grand Budapest Hotel
Packed with fun cameos and Oscar buzz around Ralph Fiennes’ performance, Wes Anderson takes us on a classy ride chasing a missing painting and the greed-motivated conflict between heirs of a family fortune.

8. Birdman
Excellent dark comedy and anybody with an entertainment background will get it. Loved the long continuous take from Director Alejandro González Iñárritu. Micheal Keaton attempts to put together a Broadway play as he struggles within himself and the superhero he once played.

7. Locke
This film had the added challenge of taking place in a single location for the duration of the movie, Tom Hardy pulls it off and then some with an unforgettable performance!

6. Whiplash
This is the story of a 19-year old drummer determined to become a famous musician. The film is a gift, especially if you love jazz. J.K. Simmons’ performance as a merciless instructor is incredible!

5. Boyhood
There has not been a film like “Boyhood” ever before. It’s long but worth the time. In fact, this film is definitely an Oscar favorite right now.

4. American Sniper
Directed by Clint Eastwood at his best. Bradley Cooper’s performance was one of the great snubs of the 2014 Golden Globe and SAG Award nominations. It’s based on a true story about one of America’s top snipers in Iraq. The film does have quite a bit of war violence but is definitely a must see.

3. The Theory of Everything
This film is about the love story of iconic physicist Steven Hawking and Jane Wilde. After being diagnosed with a debilitating condition, Hawking pushes forward to complete his most ambitious scientific work with Jane by his side. Their performances are bound to make you cry.

2. A Most Violent Year
With the title you would expect a lot of violence, but it really is a great story and not as violent as you might have thought. The film chronicles an immigrant family pursuing the “American Dream” facing crime, corruption, and violence throughout their strive for success. Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain are supremely engaging.

1. The Imitation Game
This film was well worth getting up for! This is the best film I have seen and has Oscar written all over it! See this one on the big screen. The emotion will pull you into the movie experience. Benedict Cumberbatch is a definite favorite – as this is a performance of depth and weight.