I am going to surprise you, I am an addict, and I got that way from eating sugar. Don’t laugh it started with a little extra candy after a meal.As my career was getting more successful in Hollywood,I produced TV programing about movies for local TV stations across the country, I spent more and more time on film sets where there was lots of sugared treats. I just ate and ate whatever was at the craft service table [treats provided for crew on sets] and before I was knew it, I had gained 40 pounds.As the weight came on my behavior became more erratic,more demanding of my crew, rude to people and sometimes angry, I wonder If I was really angry at me for self sabotaging my life,but I did not stop.This went on for over 7 years until I weighted 209 pounds and lost most of my business. Help arrived when I went into a 12 step for overeating. Besides a food plan that included portion control it also made me give up sugar and white flour. And then I detoxed for 3 weeks which made me aware that sugar was more than a sweet treat, for me it was my drug of choice. I lost the weight regained my business and found that I am not alone.