I went to the Cannes Film Festival only once and never forgot the experience.Lots of posters,banners,movie stars and of course films.I was there when everyone smoked everywhere.What I remember is that I lost my voice after doing 55 interviews some of them were done on the beach,in the casino and of course on yachts. The day started with 8:30 screenings and ended with invitation only parties,no wonder by the time I left I was dead tired.Some moments I remember….Bruce Willis eating a burger with the camera rolling ,interviewing a Chinese actress who spoke no english so I interviewed her interpreter she never looked at me and I delivered one of my worst interviews,and then there was my meeting with Joaquin Phoenix, who asked me to tell his mother how good he was in the film The Yards and I did.Years later Phoenix was having a melt down on the press junket for Ladder 49 and did not want to answer any questions so when I reminded him of our time in Cannes he answered everything and this impressed the studio as no one else got an interview. One of the best memories was when I asked the tekkie to slim my arm as my interviews were being played on the internet and he said”no problem” and he did it. If I was asked to go back again the answer is a big yes.