LuMESH Cosmetics Red Carpet Makeup Giveaway

LuMESH Cosmetics

Keeping in time with Red Carpet beauty, LuMESH Cosmetics inspire a star quality look that can be worn everyday. LuMESH Cosmetics brings order to the complexity of beauty for women of all ethnicities. The formulations illuminate color from within so that every shade transforms to the perfect color for all skin tones and complexions. LuMESH Cosmetics is offering an exclusive giveaway consisting of (1) Perfect Shade Hydrating Lip Gloss and (1) Blendable Lip/Cheekstick (a $60 value). All products are free of harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrance and infused with vitamin-rich plant extracts.

Red Carpet Holiday Giveaway Details

Enter below to win the special Red Carpet Makeup Giveaway from LuMESH Cosmetics. There are a number of different ways to enter. Just register in the box below and find out how to win!

Red Carpet Makeup Giveaway from LuMESH Cosmetics

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Giveaway Package includes:

Perfect Shade Hydrating Lip Gloss (1)

  • Long-lasting hydration
  • Results that enhance over time
  • Embraces skin tones from all ethnicities
  • Cooling sensation upon application
  • Promises magnetic beauty that
    will captivate and replenish
  • Will leave your lips wanting more
  • Leaves lips healthy and youthful

  • Blendable Lip/Cheekstick (1)

  • Multifunctional use for lip and
    cheek color
  • Innovative packaging includes a mirror
  • Blendability makes cheeks look
    high and bright
  • Unique formulation is gentile and
    embraces the skin
  • Lips look full and radiate color