Reba Merrill is an Emmy award-winning journalist, author, and speaker. She has traveled the world interviewing nearly a thousand A-list celebrities and movie stars. Always in high demand, her insightful interviews have been syndicated in over 60 countries. Now, Reba has chronicled her life as celebrity interviewer in her fearless memoir “Nearly Famous: tales from the hollywood trenches.” Masterfully mixing in personal accounts of her star-packed interviews, Reba creates an inspirational story about conquering adversity in the “big time.”
“Reba Merrill is a remarkably entertaining speaker with her first-hand tales of Hollywood and the Celebrities that drive Tinsel Town.  Reba holds nothing back in her storytelling.  She is as A-List as the talent she speaks about.”

– Jacquie Jordan (Producer, Two Time Emmy Nominated Television)


While interviewing many of Hollywood’s top stars, Reba made her name as an interviewer who never delved into gossip. Rather, Reba’s unique interview skills drew out powerful and intimate moments from these very public celebrities. She hosted four talk shows: (“Reba” and “Good Morning Arizona” on ABC) (“Sunup San Diego” on CBS and “That’s Life” on Cox Cable, which garnered her an Emmy Award and a Cable Ace Nomination).

Based on her body of work, Reba was elected to the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences and The Reba Merrill Collection is now part of the Motion Picture Academy archives. Reba’s interviews will be appearing on “Night Flight” every Friday night at 11PM, and have been featured on The Official Hollywood Walk of Fame App.

Reba currently sits on the leadership council for AIDS Project Los Angeles.

Check out never before seen celebrity interviews from “The Reba Merrill Collection”

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