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Reba Merrill

Reba Merrill is no stranger to the struggles of Hollywood. Clawing her way from the bottom to success in one of the toughest business anywhere, she had to keep herself desired and relevant. Her experiences shaped by her ability not only to relate to celebrities, but also to create an environment where they felt comfortable opening up. Reba’s talent to know when and how to fire off serious questions allows her to dig deep and bring out their true humanity.

“I’m a talker…if I hadn’t been able to talk and talk and talk, I would never have had a career in the entertainment industry.”

Harrison Ford

Reba Merrill interviews Harrison Ford as he discusses acting from his childhood up through his career in TV and Film.

Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis explains the struggle of breaking in to a singing career and overcoming the fear of playing to dead silence. Willis offers insights of bringing a performance down to a personal level.

Robin Williams

Reba attempts to get serious with Robin Williams, but when she has a slip of the tongue, the response from this iconic comedian is comic genius.

John Travolta

Sitting across from the infamous John Travolta, Reba reveals that her dreams have not only come true but were better than expected. In response Travolta opens up himself and shares insight into the status of his own dreams.

Whitney Houston

For many fans, fame and fortune seem to be the achievement of ultimate happiness. However, as Whitney Houston so clearly expresses, fame and fortune are the farthest things from being the source of happiness and many celebrities will tell you the same.


As a legendary performer, Cher radiates such confidence and presence that it’s hard to imagine her on a personal level. However, as Reba so boldly asks the serious question, “Are you a risk taker?” Cher comes back with an extremely vunerable response.

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