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Amanda Blake

This is a story from my TV talk show past. Amanda Blake, Miss Kitty, from Gun Smoke came on my show once she moved to Scottsdale. Her idea of relaxation and fun was removing her corset and eating everything she had not tasted in the last 20 years.The pay off: she gained a lot of weight and didn’t care. Even though she was heavier than on TV she was still very beautiful. At the time I was working in front of the camera so I had to stay slim and I couldn’t relate to how she was letting loose. Years later when I started working behind the camera in Hollywood and no one ever saw what I looked like, I finally let myself go too. I started eating everything I hadn’t tasted in years too. I gained 60 lbs… but unlike Amanda, I did care…

Hollywood Addict

I am going to surprise you, I am an addict, and I got that way from eating sugar. Don’t laugh it started with a little extra candy after a meal.As my career was getting more successful in Hollywood,I produced TV programing about movies for local TV stations across the country, I spent more and more time on film sets where there was lots of sugared treats. I just ate and ate whatever was at the craft service table [treats provided for crew on sets] and before I was knew it, I had gained 40 pounds.As the weight came on my behavior became more erratic,more demanding of my crew, rude to people and sometimes angry, I wonder If I was really angry at me for self sabotaging my life,but I did not stop.This went on for over 7 years until I weighted 209 pounds and lost most of my business. Help arrived when I went into a 12 step for overeating. Besides a food plan that included portion control it also made me give up sugar and white flour. And then I detoxed for 3 weeks which made me aware that sugar was more than a sweet treat, for me it was my drug of choice. I lost the weight regained my business and found that I am not alone. 

Everything old is new again

I am starting to follow what I learned in New York on how to publicizes my new book Nearly Famous: Secrets,Lies and Addiction. I sent out 20 emails looking for a TV appearances or magazine articles. So far I got 2 rejections but nice ones. One will keep me on file and the other passed me on to another women’s magazine. Fingers Crossed.

I was told by the power players in Hollywood that I created a new way to market films. So It came as a real surprise that I couldn’t figure out how to market my new book. Shhh don’t tell…


Nearly Famous: Secrets, Lies & Addiction

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